Low Carbon South Oxford

Climate Action

Beautiful Bunting goes to Mass Lobby of M.P.s


Members of Low Carbon South Oxford went to London on Wednesday 17th June to join the ‘Speak Up for the Love Of ‘ Climate Lobby.


We joined  other local groups and over 9,000 people from all over the UK at this Mass Lobby of M.P.s, and they took a special bunting petition with them.


Many South Oxford residents added to the petition by naming or drawing on a bunting triangle something they love which could be threatened by climate change. The bunting was taken to local schools so that children could join in. It grew and grew into a beautiful, unusual and powerful petition which Andrew Smith our M.P. was interested to see.


Andrew gave local groups time to outline their concerns that climate change could affect so many of the things we care about: our families, our food, our wildlife, our futures. The Climate Coalition is pressing  for an effective  global climate deal from talks in Paris this December,  reckoning that today’s politicians might be the last generation with a chance to solve the climate crisis.