Low Carbon South Oxford

Election Hustings and issues

With the general election coming up, is climate change (and the environment more generally) an election issue for you? If so, here are two ways to find out what the candidates in Oxford East have to say on the subject:
1.' Eco-hustings', April 22nd, 7.30pm, Oxford Town Hall
This is an event organised jointly by Low Carbon South Oxford, Low Carbon Headington, Friends of the Earth and Cyclox. It will be chaired by Barbara Hammond from the Low Carbon Hub. Oxford East candidates (or other representatives) from all the main parties will be at the meeting, and will answer questions from the audience on environmental issues. For more information, see oxfordecohustings.wordpress.com
2. Letters from candidates
Low Carbon South Oxford and Low Carbon Headington wrote to all the candidates in our constituency to ask about their parties' policies on climate change. You can see the letters and the candidates replies on the Low Carbon Headington website (lowcarbonheadington.org.uk)