Low Carbon South Oxford

LCSO Launch, 31st March 2011

[Helen Graham at LCSO launch]

Helen Graham at the launch of LCSO

[Discussion group at LCSO launch]

Discussion group at the launch of LCSO

[Presentation at LCSO launch]

Presentation at the launch of LCSO

At the end of March last year we had a very encouraging public meeting attended by about 80 local residents and representatives from groups and organisations in the community. We heard how Low Carbon South Oxford was 'kick-started' by a grant from the Department of Energy and Climate Change, which funded Helen Graham to work one day a week as project manager, and Ben Haydon working one day a week to develop the ecosite, Hogacre Common.

This was part of the Local Carbon Framework: a 1-year pilot to investigate what more could be done in local authority areas to go further and deeper on carbon reduction to tackle climate change. Oxford was one of nine local authority areas taking part in the pilot. South Oxford was one of three pilot communities under the umbrella of OXC02 (which stands for a Partnership Approach to Carbon Reductions across Oxford.)

Lois Muddiman told us about the early experiences of Low Carbon West Oxford, from Wendy Twist, about the Low Carbon Hub and how it can support community groups such as ours, and from Simon Kenton about Community Action Groups.  We then divided into groups focusing on Greener Homes, Sustainable Food, the Low Carbon Living Programme, Sustainable Transport, Hogacre Common and Waste Reduction.  Lively discussions took place, with everyone having the opportunity to express their point of view. The ideas, contacts and offers of support were fed back to help shape the way forward.