Low Carbon South Oxford

Community Renewable Energy

An opportunity to cut carbon emissions in our community, save money and invest in a local share offer.

5 steps…

1. Funds raised to install solar panels on community buildings in South Oxford.
2. The sunshine, even on cloudy days generates renewable energy.
3. Our community buildings get cheap or free electricity. They sell any surplus to the grid.
4. Investors get a return on their investment.
5. A small but critical step towards tackling climate change and towards a happier, healthier planet.


Who are we?

Solar PV graphic small

LCSO is a Community Action Group set up in 2011, aiming to bring people together in our community to reduce our carbon footprint; to raise awareness of environmental issues within South Oxford; and move towards more environmentally sustainable ways of living and working.


What we’re doing

We’re planning to put solar panels on community buildings in South Oxford.


Which buildings?

We are currently assessing the suitability of several community buildings in South Oxford. 



Reducing carbon emissions, providing cheaper electricity and returns  for investors.



We will be raising money to fund the solar panels through a community share offer.


Come and join us!